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The one where Google forces an "upgrade" that removes my ability to work effectively in more than three Google Apps accounts at a time

You are already signed in to the maximum number of accounts. If you want to use another account you must sign out of all Google Accounts then sign in to the account you want.

I fell in love with Google's magical multiple-sign in feature when it was released late last year. It works wonderfully if you have up to three accounts. But what happens when you try to log into your fourth? The nice little message above.

I have one gmail account and at least four Google Apps accounts that I use regularly. When I discovered that upgrading my Google Apps accounts let me do multiple sign-in I was excited. Until I ran into this error. Fortunately I discovered this before I converted my last account.

I've been pinging Google off and on for the last six months on their feature request page letting them know that 3 wasn't enough. (I've seen plenty of other people saying the same thing) I was hoping that they would raise this limit before they force migrated all of the Google Apps accounts. Sadly this did not happen.

My third Google Apps account was finally forced into being upgraded today. In doing so, I'm now no longer able to have this Google Apps account signed in the same time as the other three accounts. My only alternative? Sign out of all three other accounts and start over.

Nice, Google. Real nice.

I will not deny that there are many benefits of having Google Apps accounts being treated as first class citizens in many of Google's properties. But the fact that I can no longer be logged into all of my accounts at the same time is a huge inconvenience for me. Beyond inconvenience, actually. It is a productivity killer. A work flow I've had in place for half a year is now completely broken.

The kicker is that this was not a problem yesterday.

What is my recourse? Nothing. Well, I guess I could fill out the feature request page again. I'm not even sure anyone reads those. (they pretty much say as much on the page) I'd consider upgrading a few of my accounts to paid Google Apps accounts if I was convinced it would get my voice heard. Somehow I doubt it would matter.

Thanks for the upgrade that was forced down my throat, Google.

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Unskilled and unaware of it « Successful Software

Unskilled and unaware of it « Successful Software

The graph shows how good subjects were at logical reasoning as measured by a test (blue), how good they thought they were (green) and how well they thought they did at the test (red). Apart from the top quartile, there was actually an inverse relationship between how skilled people thought they were and how skilled they actually were. The study also showed that the least competent individuals were also the least capable at recognizing the skill levels of others.

Great read! And great application to software design.

About Posterous...

I had high hopes for Posterous. And for awhile things were good. But things are slipping. Minor annoyances? Getting harder to ignore. It might be time to head back to Wordpress.

Will give it a little more time for features to start flowing but really, it is going to be hard to deal with the performance issues. And something tells me that the way that custom domains via. CNAMEs are handled will not change for a very long time...

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